Hello! My name is Liesl and I am The Farmer’s Daughter.

I grew up on a sheep farm in the Northern Cape in a very small town called Kenhardt, which is in the heart of the Boesmanland in the Northern Cape. The Boesmanland is simultaneously the most amazing and hardest place to live. The land is semi-desert and when the drought comes, you cannot imagine how the sheep survive. All around is nothing but stones and dry “bossies” (bushes). Then, when the rain comes, even the rocks seem to come to life. The land is covered in tiny flowers and green bushes. There is nothing quite like the smell of rain in the Boesmanland. I wish every South African could experience it at least once in their lifetime. Now I am lucky enough to live in another beautiful part of South Africa, in the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town.

The Farmer’s Daughter is a family business supplying fresh, free roaming, natural fed lamb from our family farm in the Boesmanland to your doorstep in Cape Town.

We believe in ethical farming as well as preserving our land for the generations to come.

By supplying you directly, we can offer you better prices and keep the number of sheep we farm with to a minimum thus preserving our land. Buying meat from the Farmer’s Daughter means: your lamb is guaranteed fresh from the veld, free roaming and natural fed, you have direct contact with the farmer who reared the lamb you eat, you can decide exactly how you would like your lamb cut and we believe you can taste the quality of life that our sheep have led in our meat.